Sunday, September 13, 2009


Let's play a little guessing game...

Saturday morning Ann and I went to a "Mom's Market" that was also a fundraiser for the local children's medical center. I had never been to one of these before, but it was basically a gigantic garage sale. It cost us a dollar a piece to get in and it was a madhouse. It reminded me of the Friends episode where they go to a huge sale to get Monica's wedding dress. I didn't know how crazy it would be but I had the foresight to make a list the night before of some specific items I wanted to look for - I'm so glad I did this or I would have been totally overwhelmed!

Here are the things we purchased:

Snowsuit and new-looking snow boots for Michael, dress and cardigan for Harper

Pajama set, two pairs of tan pans, one pair of tag-still-on Land's End cords, one pair of soft black pants, one pair of Gymboree knit pants (so cute!), and one turtleneck w/ dalmatians for Harper

Lion costume (so he can be Cowardly to Harper's Dorothy) and long-sleeve fleece romper for Michael

Three Baby Einstein DVDs and ball/hammer toy for Michael (these we'll wrap up for Christmas)

Also, not particularly pictured, two pairs of jeans, two pairs of tan pants, and one pair of gray pants for Michael.

Total: 10 pairs of pants, one sweater, one pajama set, one romper, one toy, three DVDs, one pair of boots, one snowsuit, one turtleneck, and one lion costume.

How much do you think we spent???

(Clicking on individual pictures will make them larger, if you think the quality of the items will help you guess how much of a steal this sale was.)

Edited to add: OMG you guys are killing my sale buzz! Remember that it was a sale but also a fund-raiser (i.e. I did not purchase anything for less than a dollar. Perhaps comparing it to a garage sale was a bad idea...)

P.S. Mommy Daisy - there is one in Vandalia in a couple of months, let me know if you want me to try to find some info for you - that's not too bad a drive!


bluedaisy said...

Hmmm, no guesses yet, so I will try. Not including your entry fee, I'll guess $17.00?

Erin said...

Oooo! A guessing game!

Jane took my guess, so in the spirit of Bob Barker, I'll guess $17.01.

Marie Green said...

I'm going to say around $20. If it were an actual garage sale, I'd probably go lower, because (around here, at least) many garage sales have most kids clothes for .25 or .50 or at the most $1. Some of the really nice/brand name/newer stuff might be more.

The sales that are priced way higher than that are OVERPRICED for this area.

But since it wasn't an ACTUAL garage sale, I average $1 per item.

Who knows though... could be way higher.

In any case, you got some amazing deals!

Mommy Daisy said...

Oh, I can tell I don't garage sale. I had a number in my head, then I saw the other guesses. I'm guessing you spent about $35. And wow, this looks like a great thing. I wish we had something here (although "there" isn't too far from "here").

MamaK said...

Well, snowsuits around here cost like $50. Plus shipping. and snowboots? forgetaboutit. SO... I'd guess the RETAIL price of all this would be around $200. But you paid about $60, making it about 75% off (unless my math skillz are totally gone).

Does that bring back the sale buzz ;)

JM said...

Ummm... I'm going to go with one dollar, Bob.

(Okay, I just always wanted to say that).

I'll go with $55.55

-Uncle Jamie

CARRIE said...

I have no clue, but I'm jealous just the same. Can't wait to read the final amount paid!

Nan said...

Fun! Hmmm....$12.28?

Als said...


Anonymous said...

Grandpa says $44.44. As you know mugga's favortie number is 4!!



Shari Kendig-Combs said...

Hey Kelsey, I use to do that sale and made almost $700 the one time. Not sure why I quit but I am having a garage sale in a couple of weeks. Tons of Gymboree, Gap and boutique stuff. I am going to ask $3.00 for pants,shirts, skirts and $4.50 for dresses> Tell everyone you know. Almost all the stuff looks brand new and some still have tags on them.These clothes have not been passed down. I only have one child.I also have shoes, boots,coats you name it I probably have it. Oh I have sizes 4,5,6, and 7.