Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Here Michael, Michael! (And an update about shots)

I know things have been slightly video-centric here lately, but look!

That happened last Thursday - precipitated by my luring Michael half way across the kitchen on his feet w/ a Cheez-It - I guess the kid just needed some motivation. We're still quite far from walking being his first choice, but he can do it!

I also wanted to update everyone on the shot situation - Harper's flu shot was on Tuesday, and even though she was exceedingly nervous about it, here's what worked:

1) She brought her stuffed dog, Max, to squeeze.

2) We brought a lollipop and I told her the bit about how babies think things hurt less if they taste something sweet. (Thank you Marie!) I told her she could have it as soon as we were finished (before lunch!) if the nurse said it wasn't okay to have it during the shot - and then it was okay to have during the shot - phew!

3) She was allowed to sit on my lap and asked if I could please give her a really tight squeeze. (I did!)

4) I told her I would take her to McDonald's for a Happy Meal afterward if she cooperated. (i.e. did not kick the nurse)

And it was fine, there was lots of nervous energy but no extreme freaking out, and only a few tears after the fact. No screaming OR kicking - mission accomplished!


Swistle said...

What a big boy! What a big girl!

Marie Green said...

Hey, but be careful with that lollipop thing- works like a charm for my kids now, but they also try to claim they need one for say, clipping their toenails. ;)

Mommy Daisy said...

Yay Michael! He'll be running tomorrow.

And I'm glad Harper's shots went well. Good for her being so grown up.

Giselle said...

Go Michael Go! Soon you'll be wondering why you ever encouraged this behavior. ;)

And yay Harper at the doctor! Big girl.

Did I mention yet that Lily has a Harper in her pre-school class. Cool, eh? You trend-setter you. :)

Lil Mouse said...

so you did warn her. I wondered after the comments placed after mine to give her just a short amount of warning that said they refused to tell their kids up front if you would or not. Sounds like a no fail plan of action that you've got going on there. glad it went well.

tracy of 101 said...

Oh KELSEY! Go Michael! He's awesome. And I loved hearing the excitement in your voice.

Glad Harper's shot went well. We went in for Martha's 9 month yesterday and since Ruth was there too, surprise!, flu vaccine for her as well. She got the nose spray and did great, though I'm sure the shot would have been a different story.

Love you.

tracy again said...

ps: I showed these to Ruth this morning during breakfast. We are now on our 12th viewing of the top video -- she can't get enough!!
love you mucho

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Big Man!! I can't wait to see you in November.
Love Auntie Shannon

Lil Mouse said...

Thought you might find this interesting