Monday, September 21, 2009


1) Well the guessing game wasn't quite the rollicking fun I thought it would be, since the total was actually around $75 - which seemed like a great deal! The fact that people were making guesses as low as $12 makes me think I need to spend more time at garage sales, if I can get that kind of loot in that kind of shape for so little... I must admit that Ann, my mother-in-law, was there with me and subsidized a portion of the purchases, so the part that I paid wasn't too far off some of your guesses. (Thanks again Ann!)

2) Mike and Ann stayed with the kids while Matt and I attended a wedding in Chicago this past weekend. It was one of the best wedding weekends ever and I would like to write about it in better detail, but it was so overwhelmingly wonderful that it is hard to imagine putting words to the events.

3) Look what Michael learned now:

I was sitting at the computer, turned around, and in a matter of seconds he had hoisted himself onto that rocking horse. The video doesn't even come close to demonstrating how wild he got - I'm sure it is great for his balance, but maybe we need to find a rocking horse that is lower to the floor, and padded.

We are in So. Much. Trouble.


CARRIE said...

My hubby and I keep talking about getting our boy a helmet, but I don't know if they make them that small. Boys are just a different breed. But so much fun!

Emily said...

1) I was actually afraid of that, which is why I didn't guess. I was thinking, "I don't want to guess too low...then she might be disappointed."

2) I agree. I attempted to put it into words last night, but I'm not sure I did a very good job, and my pictures didn't turn out as I'd like.

3) Where are the...ummm...other latest trick videos?

Marie Green said...

That's the thing re: the guessing game. At garage sales I am SURE you could have gotten all of it for less, but then again, you would not have been able to stop at just one sale. It would have taken you a couple of weekends of garage sale-ing to accumulate that kind of awesome loot.

Whereas, the sale you went to was a one stop shop, which is why sellers in those types of sales can charge more: they know they will have lots of their target audience coming, all at once. (A garage sale is more of a blind shot, for both the seller and the shopper).

So! Since your TIME is also money, I think you got AWESOME deals. Add in the in-law gravy and what an awesome day!