Sunday, September 06, 2009

Another One Bites the Dust

Now Michael is sick, as is the way of these things.

Harper, who is feeling significantly better, was the only one who slept more than forty minutes at a stretch last night. Our poor boy is miserable. Matt finally left with him for children's urgent care this evening.

I felt a little silly sending them off, especially when the main "symptom" he has is prolonged, inconsolable screaming. Unfortunately Michael has a knack for getting sick on holidays or on vacation. I think we would have suffered through another night if taking him to the pediatrician in the morning was a possibility, which, of course, it's not.

It never ceases to amaze me how impossible the interrupted sleep feels if I'm not dealing with a tiny baby. To be fair my tiny babies normally snuggled up with me to eat and be comforted, rather than screeching and writhing in my lap. Good times.

I don't imagine anything terribly serious is wrong with Michael, just something that is making him terribly uncomfortable. I'll try to leave an update later tonight or tomorrow, when we know what is (or isn't) wrong.

Don't you love it when I post from nervous energy?


bluedaisy said...

Hope they can at least give you some suggestions to help Michael (and you!) get some rest. This stuff always gets my nerves going too...and I am a better safe than sorry kind of girl. Hope everyone gets rest tonight :)

Pam said...

Hope he's okay.

Chris said...

Colds and little kids are so hard on everyone! I hope he finds some comfort, and hope you all get better soon!

CARRIE said...

I hate it when kids get sick (at all), but especially on holidays. Hope he gets some comfort soon.

Erin said...

I'm actually logging into Facebook (GASP!) to see if you updated Michael's status there. Hope all is okay.