Monday, August 31, 2009

First Day

Ah, the first day of school

I have to confess, today felt a lot less momentous to me than our previous first days. After all, this was our third first day of preschool! (Isn't that insane?) And today we were returning to last year's school and teacher. In fact, standing in the school hallway this morning, the entire thing felt so normal it seemed as though we'd really only been away for the weekend.

It was the first time, in many, many, many years, that I didn't have that back-to-school stomach feeling. I still love this time of year, but it failed to strike me in my gut this time around.

Harper was another story...

She was really, truly excited, and just a tiny bit nervous in the car this morning. I know it felt like a HUGE day to her and I made myself take a little extra time; I turned off the radio on the way to school and said appropriate beginning-of-the-year-mom things. You know: listen to your teachers, be kind, learn something, tell someone if you have to use the bathroom or don't feel well, we're proud of you, we love you.

Then Harper was all, "Mom, it's not my first time!"

(Your time will come all too soon!)

Harper had no patience with me when I tried to take her picture outside of the school building. It was TOO! BRIGHT!

Nana and Dziatku came to stay with Michael this morning, and I did some word testing with second graders while Harper was in school. Then we all met up and had lunch together at a favorite local stop -even Matt was able to meet us.

I can tell Harper had a terrific day, mostly because she behaved fairly appallingly at lunch (too worked up), but also because when we got in the car to head home she hollered, "It was AWESOME!"


Giselle said...

I'm glad she had a good first day. It's funny because this was Andrew's 4th first day of school...even though he is just starting Kindergarten (darned fall babies). But I think the year he was MOST nervous was last year...when he was going back to the same school for the 3rd year and he knew 3/4 of the kids in his class on the first day. It made no sense to me, but there it is. ;)

Erin said...

Yay Harper! I LOVE that photo where you can just feel her excitement. That look on her face is awesome.

I can only imagine how entirely anti-climatic Cal's first day of "real school" will be. Actually, it'll probably be sort of a pain in the arse, considering you have to pick your kid up at a designated time, rather than, you know, anytime during a three-hour span in the afternoon-slash-evening. Also, packing lunches? No thanks.

(Wow. Sorry for the downer comments lately. WHAT is WITH me?)

Mommy Daisy said...

Aww, I love her photos. What a grown up girl. School's just no big deal now. ;) I'm glad that she had a good day, and I'm sure she'll love this year of school too.

CARRIE said...

Love the excitement of kids starting school. Don't you wish they could hold onto that forever? (Well, nerds like me do.....I have a feeling you are the same.)

Anonymous said...

I love your enthusiasm for school (and reading and local parks)!!!
I can only hope my kids have at least one teacher as great as you at some point in their early learning years! :)


Pam said...

I'm glad she loved her first day back it gives me hope.

Jack doesn't want to move from baby to pre-school room at day-care as he knows they are going to make him sit and listen!