Sunday, August 30, 2009

Check and Check (and check and check and check)

Forms have been filled out (and copied).

Supplies have been purchased.

Art wall has been cleared.

Hair has been cut.
Bag has been packed.

Child has been bathed.

School starts tomorrow!


The Mom said...

Tell about your art wall, I love how it looks, how did you make it? what kind of supplies would an inspired mom need to get to do that??

Anonymous said...

I also must know about this art wall. LOVE that idea!

Hope Harper has a great 1st day of school!


Liz said...

You are the COOLEST MOM EVER! Art wall?!? Awesome. I've been hanging all of Luke's masterpieces in his bedroom - it is starting to fill up in there!

tracy of 101 said...

Oh my GOODness, look at Harper's hair! Beautiful. Did you cut it yourself?

I too LOVE the art wall -- you sure are something.

CARRIE said...

Hurray! It's good to get everything prepared!

Pam said...

LOVE the art wall idea!!
Good luck Harper!