Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mobility Updates

First of all, Michael is not walking yet, but have I mentioned that the boy has started climbing?

It started on July 29th, my sister's birthday. We were in the family room playing with some wooden puzzles and the holder they slide into just happened to be resting against the front of the couch. So Michael stepped up onto it...

Next thing I knew he was sitting up on the couch, just as pleased as could be. Lord help me!

As is the way with these things, he has mastered up long before mastering down. I have become accustomed to spending a significant portion of my day running across rooms to catch him before he tumbles head first off of some piece of furniture.

His favorite climb is the plastic slide in the basement - he would like to climb to the top and then step off.

Near-toddlers just don't have any appreciation for gravity.


Nowheymama said...

And they don't have any fear, either! Ack!

Lil Mouse said...

alright what kind of wooden puzzles do you have and where did you get them. meeces dot pieces at gmail dot com

AshBlog said...

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The Mom said...

Welcome to my world, my AJ has to be at the highest point of any room at all times! Wondering if it is a boy thing as my now 4 year old girl NEVER did this...although she is learning fast, from her LITTLE brother! Good luck in teaching a healthy fear of gravity! My ped is always quick to reassure me that all the bumps and bruises are a sign of development and not a sign of my inability to intercept every lesson in gravity!