Sunday, July 06, 2008

We Have a Winner!

. . . and she is Jenny from Stickyfeathers! I will be putting a package together for her and mailing it out in the next week (I hope!).

IF you didn't win, don't worry! It looks like I won three other Pay it Forward contests! Which means I have to pay it forward three times. I think I'm going to space the payment out and have one contest a month for the next three months. I don't think Swistle is going to link to all future pay it forward contests, which means I'll probably have fewer entrants and you'll be more likely to win! (Many people stopped by to enter who I don't believe to be regular readers of this blog.)

I will also be getting back to posting about the kiddos - which is what you really come here for. Things are just a little crazy with Harper and Michael and computer time doesn't come easily!


jenny said...

whoohoo! i was so excited to win your contest! :)

i'm glad i found your blog too - i'm enjoying it!

Kate said...

Kelsey-- it's fine if you want to refer folks to my contest! *smile*