Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A Celebration

On Sunday we had Michael baptized.

Of course I don't remember my own baptism. I don't remember my sister's. I do remember my brother's, mostly because I tumbled down the stairs that morning and the heel on my patten leather dress shoe gave me a bruise in an unfortunate place when I fell. I remember I was wearing a stripped knit dress and purple tights. (I was nine and it was the 80's.)

As an adult, I think baptism became especially meaningful to me when I was asked to be a godmother to my cousin Natalie. I remember being moved nearly to tears at her baptism, as I looked around at all the people who'd come together to celebrate. I found it so beautiful that people would gather for a formal ceremony to welcome a new being into the church community. A public celebration to show how happy we were to have a new little one in our midst.

I have been equally moved by each of my children's baptisms. Here are a few pictures of the special day:

The whole family.

Michael with his godparents, Aunt Meaghan and Uncle Jamie.

A closer look at Michael's baptismal gown, the same one Harper wore over three years ago.

Fun fact: My grandmother made that gown and the embroidered portion is made from a wrap that came with my wedding dress.


McMolten said...

Boy, I hope that kid turns out as good looking as his Godparents! Thank you again for the honor Kelsey. I feel blessed to have a special place in the family for Michael.


Mommy Daisy said...

That is so special and the photos are great. What an awesome gown.

samantha jo campen said...

Ooooh, he looks great! And that gown is amazing. I got teary when we baptised Theo. Like you, it was all the people surrounding him to celebrate his life that got me feeling all emotional.

You've got a wonderful little boy there.


Erin said...

That really is a beautiful baptism gown (and obv an even more beaut babe).

I cannot quite get past this debate: Jamie? Or your Dad, cloned and 30 years younger? HOLY GENETICS BATMAN.