Sunday, July 13, 2008

All Manner of Updates

Pay it Forward Update:

I got my first Pay it Forward package in the mail at the end of last week. It came from LeAnna and contained a little album for birthday photos, sheet of wintry stickers, a tote bag with slots to contain pictures of Michael and Harper (which will be the new favorite library bag, I'm sure), and a gorgeous handmade scarf. All fun things, but the scarf! is! so! soft! Its my favorite. I almost, almost, want it to be winter right now so I can wear it.

So it is time for my new Pay it Forward contest, which I will put in its own post.

Flying Solo Update:

Matt's team won their first two games! I want them to do well a) because it is a nice experience and b) because it makes it easier to swallow Matt being gone for so long. He called yesterday and told Harper he'd seen Mickey Mouse and she asked Matt if she could talk to Mickey on the phone. Unfortunately he wasn't available.

I have awesome family and friends and have had some great help with the kids. The most difficult thing is finding time to get on the computer, but the world will go on if that is the worst that happens this week. My mom arrived tonight and it will be a nice three days with her capable hands nearby!

Michael Update:

We had Michael's four month appointment on Thursday. Here are the stats:

Head Circumference - 39 cm. - 3rd percentile
Weight - 10 lbs., 14 oz - almost on the chart
Height - 23 in. - 3rd percentile

Those numbers compare him to other four-month-olds, so he still seems so tiny, but he's growing great considering how he got started. Our pediatrician said that everything looked good, except for one little area. Michael has a distinct preference for turning his head to the right so he is getting a little flat-headed, and I think she is concerned that he isn't developing his neck muscles evenly. She is going to refer us to a physical therapist to further evaluate things, and, I think, offer some suggestions for how we help him even up. I'm not going to lose any sleep over it. I also asked about his pooping, or lack thereof. The child poops about once a week, but he doesn't show any signs of being constipated and it's loose when he does go. When she saw him it had been six days since he last had anything other than a wet diaper and she didn't notice anything problematic. We are able to give him a glycerin suppository if he goes a week without going. So I'm officially finished worrying about that.

Michael got four vaccinations and ran a fever for the next 24 hours. We had a pretty miserable day and a half and really goofed up his sleeping for a couple of days, but we seem to be back on track now. Or as on track as a four-month-old can be. Overall he is doing well.

Harper, incidentally, was a charming angel at the doctor's office. She was polite and patient and friendly and didn't misbehave even the tiniest bit until just as we were getting ready to leave, she was a little disappointed that she didn't get a sticker but she managed to survive the disappointment.


Mommy Daisy said...

I'm glad to hear that Michael's appointment went pretty well. It's great to see his progress.

What a great PIF prize! You made out pretty well!

Erin said...

Michael has nearly TRIPLED his birth weight. Way to go!!

Also, that is really commendable of Harper. And I'm not even kidding. She really deserved a sticker; not getting one would have put Calum into Dark, Brooding Mood for at least 30 minutes.