Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Four Months and Pay it Forward News

Michael is four months old today and I finally managed to take his picture on the actual day!

Here he is, hot off the presses:

Here's last month's photo:

I don't think he looks that much bigger, but I definitely think he looks older.

Pay it Forward News:

Okay, I actually won four pay it forward contests. Apparently random number generators, and/or hats, love me. I was going to do one pay it forward a month, and I still am, but now that I need to do four, I am not going to wait for next month to begin. I'm thinking more like next week. So stay tuned!!!

Also, Kate over at The Mommy Files is having her own contest, not because she won one, just because she was inspired by the pay it forward talk over here (look at them ripples!). She is giving away the winner's choice from a selection of great prizes and you have until Friday to enter. So go there now!


Mimi said...

What a cutie. He really does look older.

Cam said...

I think he looks bigger...look at the increased muscle control! Way to grow Michael.

Erin said...

Oh wow. He definitely grew up the MOST in the past month. He looks much less like a newborn and more like a baby. Also, he is looking more like Harper to me. Will you please get on some comparison photos? Forget those pay-it-forward prizes. I WANT COMPARISON SHOTS.

Mommy Daisy said...

Michael is such a cutie. He's definitely looking older, and I think he's filling out his clothes better.

samantha jo campen said...

I wanna know his stats from the check up! How much does he weigh compared to last time???