Monday, July 21, 2008


Emily, over at Live with David and Katy, won the bookish pay it forward. Hooray! She was legitimately chosen by a random number generator, but I have to admit it is fun to be sending a prize to someone I consider a brick and mortar friend. And the picture book is perfect for her daughter's age -- a happy coincidence.

There will be three more Pay it Forward Contests here in the coming months. I'm still trying to decide what my next one will be. I've also decided, if this blog still exists when my children are older, I could do contests to give away 90% of the children's books we have, which would still leave me plenty to share with grandchildren someday. Am I getting ahead of myself?

(Old School Harper, reading my library book (Something Borrowed, I think), in July of 2006)

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Emily said...

Thanks, Kelsey! I'm so excited I can hardly wait!