Monday, May 28, 2007

Yard Work

Most people I know did at least one of the following three things during Memorial Day Weekend: yard work, travel, or grill. We managed to accomplish two of the three, not having traveled any further than Home Depot's garden center.

I may have mentioned before that we are not so great with the yard. Part of this is due to Matt's weekend basketball schedules, which don't leave a whole lot of time for yard work. It is also due to my aversion to worms, bugs, and other critters one often encounters during yard work. Also, we're not particularly good at it and we simply don't like it! Still we can't help feeling a little accomplished after all the work we did this weekend, which included planting lots of flowers and building a little brick wall at the front of the house where we'd had some bushes removed. I should have done before and after pictures. Maybe next year.

Little miss loves-being-outside was a happy "helper," especially Saturday, when we spent most of the day on yard-improvement.

She helped unload bricks from Daddy's car.

She, ahem, "prepared" the dirt for planting.

She watered some bushes, then Matt and I, with the hose.

And she provided what all new flowers need to grow, a good dose of bubbles.

Apparently bags of soil and mulch need bubbling, too.

I have to give Matt credit for spending many more hours out there than Harper and I did. After a while it just became too difficult to keep Harper's "helping" from getting in the way.

In a non-Harper, but yard-related, note:

How disturbing is this?!

(I kept coming across these in the dirt. They were some sort of nut/seed thing, I think, but I felt like I was digging up fossilized pig snouts.)

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