Thursday, May 31, 2007

Something To Cheer For

Okay, in a totally non-Harper related note, I have to express my excitement that I am watching the Scripps National Spelling Bee finals on television right now. Even though the things these children go through to be national level spellers are a bit crazy, I feel really pleased that it is being televised (and not for the first time). I'm no prude, but many of the things on television these days really make me cringe. I'm not going to get all preachy here, but with all the wild and inappropriate things our celebrities (actors, athletes) tend to do, I am glad that a little attention is going to children who have worked so hard to learn to be excellent spellers.

I believe that this event was aired on ESPN before but putting it on network television is even better, making it accessible to so many more people. (It is difficult to watch them miss though, yikes!)

I also appreciate this event because of the fact that I am a horrible speller. Awful. Even with the spell-check on this blog, I'm sure I've made mistakes. I once mailed a letter home from summer camp that made my parents question whether I'd been paying any attention in school. I got A's on my spelling tests because I was disciplined enough to force myself to memorize 10-20 words a week for eight years in grade school (Thanks Mom!). And trust me, bouleuterion was never on the list!

So kudos to all the participants, even those that didn't make it to the final round. And if you want your kid to spell his/her way to our nation's capital? You'd better start studying now because words like punaise don't come easily to anyone.


Anonymous said...

I am gald you enjoyed the Spelling Bee. I am even happier you listened to mom. Please don't tell your readers about the things I taught you!!



Erin said...

I have always felt a twinge of resentment toward the spelling bee because of my own very lacking spelling skills. I was eliminated on the first round of every dang spelling bee I ever participated in. I've got to have respect for that kind of memory, because I sure never had it.

Though once I was runner-up at my school's geography bee. The question I got wrong was "what state has the western most point in the United States?" I thought it was a trick question. Hawaii, right? I said Alaska. WRONG. It is, indeed, Hawaii.

We drove Cal down to the Ozarks today-- a 3 hour ride (uh oh, I feel Gilligan's Island theme coming on...), and he was an ANGEL in the car. It made me think that a Dayton trip is totally in our future. Sometime after Baby #2 is capable of being left without mommy, Cal & I will make the trip.

Anonymous said...

We watched part of the spelling bee and had that awful feeling of "oh my god, I'm dumber than an 8th grader". I couldn't pronounce have the words, let alone spell them. I liked how the kids were so innocent-so excited about spelling, not caring that most people thought they were dorks (and only because we are threatened by their intelligence). I guess having brains is still OK!