Friday, May 04, 2007

Running with the Big Kids

About half an hour north of our house is a church with a large indoor playland. Think McDonald's but without the fast food. For five hours every weekday afternoon it is open to the general public. (There is also a preschool at this church; can you imagine going to a preschool with a giant indoor playland?) Worth the half an hour drive? Absolutely. I am always on the lookout for free entertainment and being indoors is just a bonus, although I'm sure it is much more crowded on rainy days than on the beautiful sunny day we visited.

So we're at this big beautiful playground with twisty slides and tunnels and places to climb, all of it thoughtfully enclosed to prevent plummeting children. Perfect, right?

As it turns out, beneath Harper's spirited personality, she is incredibly physically timid. She wanted nothing to do with most of the climbing and sliding and tunnels. Rather, she spent nearly the entire time we were there going up and down this little green slide.

After a while, the playground was overrun by some very fast, very loud, BIG KIDS. All Harper could do was just stand back and watch as they ran by.

So she was intimidated by the slides, tunnels, climbing, and big kids and I still think she'd be excited to go back. Maybe next time she will even venture up the purple steps which lead to the more exciting parts of the equipment. If not, we'll have to sign her up for gymnastics!


Mommy Daisy said...

Oh wow, that looks like fun. Is the in Dayton somewhere? She'll probably outgrow that standoffishness. I'm sure she still had a good time.

Erin said...

It's because she's smart and has some sense. Cal will climb to the very top of the playground equipment and then walk right off the edge if I'm not there to catch him by the waist of his shorts. And that's not due to lack of falling & bruises either. He just doesn't learn. You think that's partly a difference between boys & girls?

Maybe we need another toddler get-together and Harper can talk some sense into Cal.

Kelsey said...

MommyDaisy: It is north of Dayton a bit. A church near Vandalia/Butler area.

Erin: I do think it is a little bit of a boy girl thing. I also think it makes a difference that she isn't keeping up with a big kid at home!

Anonymous said...

Max is the same way when we get to the playground...he just stands and watches all the other kids! Which is why I am starting to search for some sort of summer thing to get him into...he'll be two so he needs to start learning how to be around other kids...besides the college aged girls who play volleyball! they're a little old for him so it's time to take a step back i think!