Friday, May 11, 2007

A Capital Day

Once upon a time a college friend, Cindy, introduced me to her high school friend, Emily. Emily was funny and kind and had excellent taste in music. After I moved back to this area Emily and I even attended a couple of concerts together. Then, as tends to happen with people you don't know very well and don't live especially near, we lost touch. Then Cindy told me that Emily had a baby and voila! we had a reason to reconnect. Having children brings people together in ways both surprising and wonderful.

Emily's daughter Katy is just approaching her first birthday. About two weeks ago I found some swim diapers that Harper had outgrown and it struck me that Katy could probably use them this summer. It was a perfect excuse to call Emily and suggest we plan the get together we've been pondering over email for months. Fortunately we were greeted this morning by a day both beautiful for driving and for playing in the park.

Harper was excited to meet our new friends and wasted no time in exploring most of the house as well as all of Katy's toys. We have packed up most of our "baby" toys and it was funny how fascinating all of those similar items became when they belonged to someone else!

It was such fun to see Emily and Katy, especially after following their adventures on Emily's blog. Katy was funny and friendly, especially if I was holding something she wanted! The girls about about 18 months apart in age, which seems like it shouldn't be that much, but wow! I can't believe how much I've forgotten about what Harper was like at a year old. So many of the daily details escape me now, like cutting all her food into itty bitty pieces, and the fact that she couldn't speak! It is truly amazing how fast they grow and learn. From barely walking and talking to jumping up on this piece of equipment and crying out, "I'm bayanceen (balancing)!"

All in a year and a half.

(For the record, I was completely unaware that Harper even knew the word balancing.)

I loved watching Harper and Katy together; it really helped me imagine adding another kiddo to our mix sooner or later.

It also made me realize how big Harper is getting! Holy cow! I picked Katy up and it was like lifting a balloon, she was so light.

Harper is most definitely not a baby anymore. I know this. Still, it catches me by surprise every now and then.

Look out world, here she comes!

Thanks, Emily and Katy, for such a fun day.


Swistle said...

Those are SUCH great pictures! I love all of them, especially the ones of the two girls together.

Robert said...

Nice to read about your friends! Wishing Katy a wonderful first birthday! The photos of the kids are cute and adorable. Have a wonderful weekend!

Erin said...

Is Harper holding Katy's hand in that one picture? That might be one of the sweetest things I've ever seen. So cute.

Emily said...

I love reading our two entries and seeing how each of us reports on the day's events differently! That's the wonders of blogging! We are so glad you came to visit and had such a nice time. Hope to see you again soon...