Friday, May 25, 2007

Keeping It Funny

Harper has really been cracking me up lately, which is good, as I am usually about ready to throttle her when she makes me laugh.

Here are a handful of funny moments from the last two days:

Thursday afternoon we noticed a rabbit in the back yard. By noticed I mean we went to the window to see what the heck was happening because Rebound was trying to dig right through the glass and barking as though we needed to let him out or risk the planet being overrun by alien invaders. It was a rabbit. Harper was very excited, but looked at Rebound after a moment, total disgust written all over her face, and said, "Rebound dat is not a swirl (squirrel) or a bird or a robin, it is a bunny eating dat piece of gween gwass all up." Like, duh, dog. Don't you know you are only supposed to bark and squirrels or birds or robins?

Today she pulled a triple whammy when we were getting ready for a nap.

First we were reading a story which mentions baby animals using the words calf, foal, and pup. This upsets Harper to no end and each time we read it she freaks out and explains they are in fact a cow, horse, and puppy, in a voice that suggests maybe she should just read it herself if we can't get it right. So we were on the cow page, and I was explaining (for the eleventy-bijillionth time) that calf is a word that means baby cow, when Harper said, "Oh baby cow is a name for a calf, dat's a surprise!"

A few minutes later, when we'd finished reading and she was sharpening her stalling claws, Harper just turned to me and said, "Congwatuashons Mommy! You win a pink ribbon." She pretended to pin the ribbon to my chest and then said, "And here is your big trophy." I never did figure out what I won them for, but hey, prizes are prizes.

Finally I climbed in bed with her to help settle her down. As she put her head next to mine on the pillow, she looked right in my face and said, "Tell me about yourself." Then I laughed so hard I nearly wet my pants. Apparently Harper has been conducting job interviews in her spare time.

I leave you with this picture of Harper getting read to test a slide she'd made from her tunnel and the coffee table.

I suggested we let some of her stuffed animals test it first, which turned out to be a good idea.

You didn't really think I was going to let her slide down it, did you?


Swistle said...

You are killing me. "Swirl"? "Tell me about yourself"? That child must be stopped. Cuteness of this calibar is dangerous.

Erin said...

Hilarious. And yes, I DID think you would let her try the "slide." Because honestly, I would have let Cal try, with the thought that it was only 15 inches he'd fall and hey, it might smarten him up. I really should NOT be allowed to parent.