Sunday, May 27, 2007

What We Do

While sitting with Harper in the rocking chair before her nap yesterday she leaned her head to my chest and said, "I yuv you Mommy."

"I love you too," I whispered.

Then she said, "Actuyee, I don't yuv you, I yuv Daddy. I yuv Daddy very much. I don't yuv you very much."

"I still love you," I said. Because that's what mothers do.


Erin said...

Oh Kelsey! I love you. I love you very much.

Brett & I both laughed at loud at this entry because if Calum could say those words right now, he would probably say the same thing. He's soooo into Dada these days, which is great, but also somewhat heartbreaking for me.

You really ARE a wonderful mom, you know.

Emily said...

Oh, the emotional confusion of a toddler. She loves you so much she can't even express it in words. But like you said, we love no matter what, and you'll still love her tomorrow when she yuvs you very much instead of Daddy again.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't love you either if you were trying to put me to bed - just kidding. She's so sassy - just like her auntie! Your brother, sister, and I were discussing this and we voted you the "Best Blog Writer" ever! Thanks for keeping it spicy Kelsey - WE LOVE YOU! - Kristin (Shannon's roomy)