Friday, May 04, 2007

Trick Post!

I uploaded the pictures on this post before heading out of town last weekend and then never got around to writing anything. Since I began (with the photos) May 4, the post may get shuffled into past ones and lost so that no one reads it. If you see this one, maybe leave a comment? I'm approaching it as a blog experiment I suppose.

May 1, Harper, Nana, and I headed south to Cincinnati to visit Nana Jones. We enjoyed lunch, did some damage at the Carter's store (which I was thrilled to find!), and then got to see Nana Jones' room.

Here are Nana Jones and Harper looking out the window for birds:

They also enjoyed a lively conversation with a few dogs:

Our Cincinnati trip also included a stop at Big Lots, where Harper procured this lovely watering can. Then we sprinkled the new hostas out front.

And yes, I know our yard is a mess. We're working on it!

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Swistle said...

Great pictures! (I love my RSS reader. It doesn't let me miss anything.)