Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Blow the Stink Off

There is a chill in the air but it is gloriously sunny here today so between lunch and Michael's nap we went for a good long walk. I swear I could feel myself lightening with each step (though I might actually need some new tennis shoes). We walked for what turned out to be only about two miles, but it still felt good to stretch the legs. I forgot how long two miles can take when one of the walkers is six and the other walker is pushing about 50 pounds of stroller/preschooler. STILL we walked and it was good. I wish our neighborhood was friendlier for walking (slightly flatter and with sidewalks would be nice), but it was nice to realize that post lunch is a pretty good walking time as far as traffic is concerned.

I was in such a good mood I suggested we stop off at a friend's house and bring her son, who is in Harper's class, back to our place to play for a bit. Michael is napping, the kindergarten duo are tearing up the rec room in the basement, and I am off to try to finish my book club book.

Do you know that today is Dr. Seuss' birthday?  I can't help but link to this tribute from five years ago (Yikes! I've been doing this for a long time!). If you aren't interested in my attempt at Dr. Seuss' style that's fine, but it's worth the click just to see what Harper looked like five years ago.  Sigh.

P.S.  Someone asked about how to get Vaseline out of clothes... the Internet already has a wealth of information on this topic, but tomorrow or the next day I'll post about how I did it.


CARRIE said...

Ok, seeing Harper 5 years ago just made me sad. I can't handle kids growing up. Even if they aren't mine.

Erin said...

Sounds like a much better day than yesterday. I am so glad.

It IS so nice to have a place to walk/ run now that the DANGED SNOW is finally gone! Being outside does good things to people. Even though lots of time I have trouble mustering the energy and would rather sit indoors, I never regret going out. Yay for a beautiful day in Ohio! (it's nice here too ;-)

Meaghan said...

WOW -- Harper 5 years ago. Times goes by so fast.