Monday, March 07, 2011

Cleaning Out, Growing Up, and a Request

We live in a relatively old house. One thing lacking in many older homes is storage/closet space and in this regard we are actually very lucky. With the possible exception of the master bedroom, most rooms in our home have large closets. The children's closets, for example, aren't walk-ins but they are deep and wide. Both children have the type of closet with two sliding doors. Harper has one long hanging bar that runs the width of her closet and two full length shelves across the top. Michael has two hanging bars (one higher than the other) that run about 2/3 the length of his closet, with shelving on the other 1/3, and one long shelf across the top. 90% of their clothes, for both children, hang in the closet which is great because it cuts down on the amount of furniture necessary in their rooms. Of course there is a small downside to having those large closets - it is too easy to just accumulate stuff in them! 

I do a fairly good job of keeping up with the hanging clothes, rotating out and packing away/donating items that become too small, but the shelving is another story. Which is why I was able to stand on a stool in Michael's room today and take down the old crib mobile, the bassinet fittings for the pack-n-play, two Boppy pillows, and several other baby items we haven't used in years. The things our siblings might want will be placed in tubs and transferred to the basement; other items will be donated. One of the items I found that really made me pause was a double insert for the infant car seat.  We needed it because Michael was way, way too tiny to fit in the infant seat the way it came.  I got a little misty, standing in Michael's bedroom, holding that insert, because it is so difficult to believe he was ever that small.  

Do you remember how small he was?

So tiny!  I actually find it kind of difficult to look back at the pictures from when he was an infant.  

I remember blogging when he was very little and things were very difficult and one of you commented that before we knew it he would be this big boy running around the house making us crazy and all the struggle of his infant-hood would be just a foggy memory.  How right you were!

I am so fortunate to have the luxury of occasionally forgetting the difficulty of those early days.  I know how blessed we are that we have a happy ending.  And while I do sometimes forget, I do not forget to be grateful.  Which is why, for a third year, we are going to walk in our local March for Babies.  It's also why, for a third year, I'm going to ask and then gently remind you that you can support me and the hope of healthy women and babies everywhere but making a small donation to the March of Dimes.  There is a not so subtle reminder over on the right!  If you are local person and you want to join our team, fund-raise, and walk with us that would be terrific.  If you are unable to donate or walk (or maybe you are supporting another walker, which is equally awesome) then please spread the word about the March for Babies and send us lots of prayers and positive thoughts for a successful campaign and walk.  

Can you think of a better way to celebrate this little guy turning three?

Me either!


Jill said...

I will be praying for good weather and happenstance for your walk. I am currently struggling with deciding if I should take progesterone shots to make sure this pregnancy sticks. They only give them up to 36 weeks, and we made it to almost 37 with K, but that's enough for the insurance company to offer them for free to us and send someone to our house weekly to give me the injection. My hubby says we should do it, if this baby gets even ONE more day than K it would be worth it. If you have any advice, I'd love to have it. K had severe jaundice and trouble with lethargy and nursing issues that we struggled with for months. I know you were very supportive of me during that time and I really appreciated it. Even if I never managed to say so at the time.

jill dot shoemaker at gmail dot com

tracy said...

Those pictures took my breath away.

Happy third birthday to Michael!!

CARRIE said...

So, so amazing. Both then and now! Happy 3rd Birthday!