Thursday, March 03, 2011

How To Get Vaseline Out And Something Else I Want to Remember

So back on Tuesday, when I was tearing my hair out, one of the things frustrating me was that a child had once again gotten into Vaseline and it was all over some clothing.  At least this time I wasn't getting a full tub out of a child's hair...

Here's how I got Vaseline out of various types of clothing:

1) Use plastic knife or flat edged scraper to remove as much Vaseline as possible.

2) Saturate fabric with Dawn dish soap, scrub into clothing (I used the same technique/motion I'd use with a stain remover).

3) Soak heavily-Dawned clothes in cool water for a while.  (I didn't have the patience for overnight, but they soaked most of the day.)

4) Rinse and ring out clothing. (I used a LOT of Dawn and I was worried about that much of it going in the washer.)

5) Wash as usual. Check for residue, then dry.

Viola - no Vaseline stains on the clothes!


I don't think I've written yet that Michael refers to night time as "dark time."  I am afraid this will either change or cause significant problems once the days get longer.  For now I find it completely adorable.  Here's an example - if I'm going out in the evening he'll ask when I'll be back.  If I tell him that I'll be home while he's in bed he'll say, "Oh, you come back at dark time?"  Or if I try to get him in his p.j.s early he'll say, "No! It not dark time yet!"


bluedaisy said...

Very good to have the Vaseline advice...haven't had that pleasure just yet, but now I am prepared :) "Dark time" is so cute...but yes, I'd be worried about bedtime as spring/summer get closer. However, we had a little bit of a that problem last summer. Both boys would be exhausted but were also confused about why they were getting baths while the older kids in the neighborhood were still out playing. Hopefully, we can all find good explanations for that one!

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