Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Harper now rides in a booster seat.

Michael rolled over from his back to his front (finally!).*

I am suddenly feeling a little like pressing the pause button on all the growing that is going on over here. I officially file the petition to freeze time and enjoy my children at their current ages for a little bit longer.


Hillary and Ryan (though I'm guessing the prize will really go to Hillary!) won the Dar CD and Wondertime subscription from the latest pay it forward contest. Congratulations! Hillary is a friend in "real life" and I've known her since we were camp counselors, working together to fend off hairy jumping spiders in the Wisconsin wilderness. Hilliary will soon be holding a bouncing baby boy in her arms!

Heather won the second Wondertime subscription. I have never met Heather, but we have some mutual bloggy friends and have become connected in this big, bloggy web. (Heather, I'll need your info for the subscription!) Heather is Mommy to two darling boys and I know she likes to read, so I'm sure she'll enjoy Wondertime as much as I do.

*Just this morning I was talking to Erin about how it felt like it was taking Michael forever to get to this skill, guess he showed me!


bluedaisy said...

Hello (found your blog via Florida Ink) and have been reading for a while. I swear the little ones understand when you think they CAN'T do something and they set out to prove you wrong. Good job Michael!

Anonymous said...

Have I ever told you that it took Ruth forever to roll over, too? At least 5 or 6 months.

Thanks for the chat the other morning. And, your book is on its way back to you -- thanks for the loan! It was great.

love, Tracy