Saturday, October 11, 2008


Alright, I'm still not totally convinced that my children look that much alike but I do see some resemblance when I look at the following photos:

The top is Michael at an adjusted age close to five months, and the bottom is Harper at five months. I guess it isn't a stretch to see that they are brother and sister.

In the beginning it was difficult to compare the two, because Michael's start to life was so vastly different from Harper's. Now I feel like I'm starting to notice ways in which Michael is different. For example, Harper has always been something of a drama queen. When she got upset as a baby, calming her down was not easy. Michael seems to get upset quickly, but he seems more easy distracted than Harper was as a baby. When he was so sick the last couple of weeks it upset his sleep some, but with very few exceptions he was as happy-go-lucky as usual, even with an ear infection. I'm pretty sure if Harper had had an ear infection at that age, we'd still be hearing about it now!

In the last few weeks Michael has really started noticing and interacting with toys/objects more. One thing he does that completely cracks me up is getting a hold of something and then just waving his arm up and down so that the toy/blanket/object slams repeatedly into the ground, first near his waist, then above his head. It's impressive. He also does this with a toy that is attached to his crib rail. It's a little dog with a bone rattle hanging from one of its paws. He grabs the bone and then starts flailing his arm back and forth, making the entire dog slide and the plastic link holding it to his crib makes all kinds of noise. This is what he does as he's getting ready to fall asleep. I know that Harper never did anything quite like it, I don't think it's something I could have forgotten.

As the next few months pass, Michael will reach the age Harper was when I started this blog. I'll be interested to see how my experiences with him compare to the experiences I recorded of Harper at similar ages.


CARRIE said...

Yeah, they definitely resemble each other.

I know my girl is a drama queen. She fell on the sidewalk tonight and scraped her knee and pinky, and you would have thought someone was stabbing her with multiple knives all the way home through the neighborhood back to our house. I try to be sympathetic but good grief. I do hope my boy isn't as over the top as she is. I don't think I can handle it.

Christina said...

I agree. They do look alike. However, the smile on Harper in that picture is SO you, Kelsey! What darling pictures.

We've been sick around here, too. I'll call you soon.

Marie Green said...

I wasn't sure who was who, so I'd say YES they do look very much alike.

Erin said...

I've already said this, like EVERY TIME you post a picture of Michael. But I definitely think they look SO MUCH alike. But Michael has a little boy look that Harper never had. They are both beautiful.

I also LOVE to compare my two via my blog posts. It is so fun. I especially appreciate the pictures then, too. Since I don't do any other form of baby books, or photo albums, the blog is really my way of tracking their childhoods. Sad but true. Hey, it's better than nothing.

Astarte said...

I love baby pictures. I love babies!!!

I think they DO look alike. They're so sweet!

Pam said...

Wow, they do look alike don't they!!!!