Monday, October 20, 2008

Autumn Day

The first fall-ish feeling day in these parts and even I couldn't resist going on an outing. Fridays are not school days and are therefore a little flexible. After Michael's mid-morning bottle, I loaded the kids up for a quick trip to the arboretum. I was hoping there would be some pretty leaves already and that I might get a chance to take a few photos.

We parked the car and immediately stumbled upon this flower/pumpkin/bales of hay set up that all but had a sign on it saying, "Take your children's pictures here!"

One good thing about the age difference between Michael and Harper is that she is old enough to help hold him for photo shoots. Too bad I didn't get video, then you'd hear Harper saying, "Mom, you better get over here before I drop him!"

I am absolutely shocked that I got not one, but three pictures in which both of them are smiling. I have new hope for holiday photos.

Is it just me, or does Michael look enormous in these pictures? Harper's lap could barely contain him, he's becoming such a little chub!

The above picture was the last one I took of the two of them. As soon as I put the camera away I picked up Michael to put him in the stroller and he spit up all over my coat - so much that I had to take it off and put it in a plastic bag so it wouldn't get all over everything else. Fortunately I don't go anywhere without a few extra bags!

Michael was not at all phased by the spitting-up (possibly because it landed all over ME and not all over HIM) and proceeded to fall asleep in his stroller while Harper and I explored.

Harper spent a lot of time "climbing trees" but I think it looks more like she's practicing for senior pictures.

Little miss independent could hardly be bothered to walk next to the stroller. She enjoyed the adventure of taking different paths than I was on - which was fine with me as long as I could see her. I'm just glad she wasn't begging me for a ride!


Emily said...

Oh my gosh. PRECIOUS. And what a healthy looking boy - chubby cheeks and all! I love the orange and black striped pants, and the backdrop is perfect.

CARRIE said...

Beautiful pictures. I wish we had an arboretum close by. How nice.

Erin said...

I love the photos. Looks like a perfect day. Michael again looks SO BIG!

You could use any of those three pictures as your christmas photo.

Laura said...

How in the world did your teensy little boy get so grown up and smiley on cue?

Since I've only seen your husband in pictures, would you agree that Michael looks like a mini replica of his dad, only bald and smaller?

It looks like a wonderful fall day and your pictures are every bit as gorgeous!

desperate housewife said...

I have yet to get a picture of both the kids smiling so perfectly! Gorgeous.