Sunday, October 12, 2008

What Will I Do With These Kids?

Earlier this afternoon we noticed that Michael had developed a nasty looking rash on/under his chin. Because of our history with Harper any skin disturbance immediately has me thinking allergies with a sick feeling in my stomach. He has always been a bit of a spitty baby and he's also been super droolish lately. Perhaps his skin is just irritated from all that moisture? We can only hope. The dog did get away with licking at his chin earlier today (usually we manage to keep the dog away from Michael's head!), but I'm not convinced it was the dog. If Michael was allergic to the dog, then wouldn't it also bother him when his hands and feet were licked?

He's not feverish, or extra fussy, or touching his chin, or having trouble sleeping, so I am trying not to worry too much. Our current strategy for the mystery chin rash is to keep an eye on it and maybe call the nurse tomorrow afternoon, especially if there's not appreciative improvement or if things look worse. In the mean time, if any of you recognize that rash as something we should be more immediately concerned with - don't be afraid to speak up!

Then there's Harper. . .

She had a lovely day including a trip to the park with Matt and many hours of dress up. At one point I noticed that the combination of her pink high heels and her rapidly-growing-too-small summer shorts had her looking a little, well, skanky. She, of course, thought the shoes made her look rather glamorous and clomped around in them most of the afternoon.

One of her Christmas or birthdy presents this year is going to be a pair of sparkly dress up flats! Seriously. She has already learned the dangers of the poorly constructed high heeled shoe and I am half holding my breath, waiting for her to break herself each time she wears those plastic things. I guess she's learning early that style and comfort don't always go hand in hand.

Harper was angry about this last picture because it didn't show off her shoes!


Erin said...

I don't blame you for getting ansy about the rash, especially given what you've been through with Harper. Emmett's skin breaks out in response to 9 out of 10 types of particulate matter. SERIOUSLY. He breaks out when my parents' dog licks him (not our dogs, phew), grass, certain types of crackers, soap, air, kisses, hugs... Ok, maybe not those last three. But the rash always clears up pretty quick (usually within 24 hours), and never spreads too badly. Except for his reaction to blueberries, it's never turned into anything more than an annoyance. I hope the same is true for Michael!

Harper is so hilarious. I cannot BELIEVE she's mastered HEELS. Are you sure she's your daughter? HAHA. Sorry, that came out wrong. I just mean that you're usually more casual. Er, I mean that you dress nice! I just don't see you in HEELS very often. Er, wait. Still sounds bad. HARPER IS VERY CUTE. There. I'm ending this comment now.

Emily said...

I think there's a good chance it's the extra drool, but I think you're wise to call and check because of Harper's history. But both of my kids have had similar things during teething seasons, so hopefully it's just that.

Anonymous said...

The pictures of Harper are HILARIOUS, especially the 2nd shot where she is striking a pose like a model! I am so excited to get her and Ruth together in a few years. And hopefully the rash is no big deal, though I can understand your worry. Miss & love you! Tracy

Swistle said...

I laughed so hard at "a little, well, skanky."

Astarte said...

Ohhh, look at the little Trollop In Training! Flip-flop high heels are seriously hard to walk in, too, so I'll bet she's got a little wiggle going, too!

His rash looks like maybe a touch of yeasty-moisture rash to me. Try drying him off well and maybe putting some moisture-blocking creme on it overnight, and see what happens. I think that the combination of drool and sleeping on a plastic mattress really makes rashes just too easy to end up with.