Monday, August 27, 2007

One More Thing

Alexandra (Hi! Nice to meet you.) tagged me for an eight things meme. I am feeling a little repetitive since I just did the seven things last month. I am not sure I can come up with eight more random facts. . . and I am tempted to just add one to my previous list. But I won't be a cheater, here you are:

1. I love football season. I cheer heartily for the Wisconsin Badgers and the Green Bay Packers. Last year when Brett Favre choked up during an interview after the last game of the season my entire family was in tears in our living room watching it. My brother, who is nearly 22, does not remember a time when Favre was not the quarterback of the Green Bay Packers. I'm fairly serious when I say that one of the saddest things about living in Ohio for me is that I do not get to see the Packers play every weekend. Before I had a child I would nearly always find a bar where I could watch the game, now, not so much.

2. I'm listening to Mandy Moore's new CD right now. It's good. Not all pop-princess like her early stuff. She co-wrote this new album and it is in the singer/songwriter vein I so enjoy. Good job Mandy!

3. I started playing tennis as an adult. I only play occasionally now, another thing that fell by the wayside when I had a child, but I love it. I also really enjoy watching tennis on television and am excited about the U. S. Open. My tennis serve is all goofy (though effective) because of all the years I spent playing volleyball.

4. I have a MySpace page and no idea why. Actually that's not true, some of the musicians I follow had their schedules and things on MySpace and I had to get my own page to view their pages. So MySpace is pretty much a giant conspiracy. Want to be my friend?

5. I am predisposed to enjoying almost anything I find even remotely interesting. For example, I read several Sweet Valley University novels, borrowed from the library (at least I didn't purchase them), when I was way too old to be doing so. If our local library carried them, I would totally read the Gossip Girl novels (but I won't buy those either). Since our huge library system has not one single copy, I am thinking I should actually run in the other direction.

6. I am a little embarrassed by number 5. I want you to know that I also read lots of award winning, high quality literature. I read three Faulkner novels one summer when Oprah's book club had them published in a nice boxed set. (Although I think I lose a little credit if I only did it because Oprah told me to, so maybe that's not the best example.)

7. I am not picky about movies either. I don't like horror movies, but find movie watching in general to be a very pleasing experience. I saw Hairspray this weekend and loved it. I also rented a movie called Millions and loved that too. A movie has to be really, really bad for me not to enjoy it. I always want the soundtracks to movies I enjoy. I rein in that impulse much of the time. Also, movie previews often make me cry. Saw one for August Rush this weekend that nearly had me sobbing. It's the music; emotional music puts me right over the edge.

8. My favorite color is purple.

I'm supposed to tag six other people to do this, but I usually break that meme rule. If you enjoyed this, and want to do your own eight things, leave a comment so I can go read yours.

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Laura said...

Oohh, I want to play too! Thanks for the open ended invitation. So, we can write about just any old, random 8 things about ourselves?

I'm glad you were tagged to do another. You are a total "catch" of a wife when it comes to being able to enjoy football with your husband. Me, I know my husband's favorite team. And their colors. And where their from. (I'll save that for my meme. :-)

I hardly know where you find time to read books and blog and comment like you do... but more power to you- I envy that!