Wednesday, August 08, 2007

We're Melting!

Ugh. It's hot here. And we have air conditioning. I cannot imagine what we'd do without it during a week like this. Yesterday, to protest the heat, Harper spent much of the day running around in her purple shoes and big girl pants.

Behind Harper you can view her zoo animals lined up in "time out." Harper has seen a lot of time out lately and she has started routinely giving her animals (stuffed and plastic) their own time outs.

Today, over protesting the heat and fully clothed, Harper was lucky enough to spend some time out with Nana. Ann came and took Harper to lunch and then back to her place to get ready for a showing. Since it is end-of-the-quarter-crunch-time it was wonderful to have a couple of quiet hours to tap away at the computer.

Later this afternoon, after a wonderful time with Nana, all attempts to get Harper to nap failed and she turned into a late afternoon cranky beast. While in time out in a dining room chair she decided to test the laws of physics. I was mere feet away in the kitchen, getting some test results from the allergist, when I heard a tremendous crash. I ran into the dining room to find Harper on her stomach, under the table, screaming an "I am hurt and I mean it!" scream.

I gently lifted Harper, still screaming, from under the table, and immediately a drop of blood splattered on my arm. Her bottom teeth had cut the inside of her lip when she fell. Of course it took several minutes to figure that out, due to all the blood. In case you were not aware, the inside of your mouth? When you cut it? It bleeds. A lot.

I felt much better once the bleeding had stopped and I had determined that all of Harper's teeth were still firmly rooted in her gums. She felt much better once she was sucking on some ice cubes and getting blood on a washcloth, rather than the front of my shirt.

She now has a bit of a puffy lower lip, accompanied by teeth marks inside her bottom lip, and a skid mark of sorts on her chin.

After all the crying (and bleeding) had stopped, I asked Harper what had happened. She told me she stood on the chair and, "Just put one foot out and stepped wite (right) off."

I doubt she'll be doing that again. This week anyway.


Laura said...

So you let your child run around the video store in her underpants? Oh wait, is that your house? Holy Smokes!! That's alot of movies! Do you rent them out as a side job?

Harper's little lip looks especially painful and puffy to boot. Looks like she may be giving up chair climbing for another day or so. At least until her lip heals or she sees something up high that she needs! Right now.

Stay cool!
(Ooh, that sounds so high school!)

Mommy Daisy said...

Oh boy, it has bee hot, hasn't it. We're thankful to central air too. It runs almost constantly, but it feels so good. We try to leave the house as little as possible.

The story about Harper feeling was really funny, once I heard her view. ;) I hope she heals soon. I'm sure that did hurt.

Swistle said...

I shouldn't make fun of Paul, but I can't help it: When he was home alone with toddler Rob, Rob hurt his lip in a similar way and Paul was so freaked out by the blood he CALLED AN AMBULANCE. It's been more than 6 years and I still laugh (quietly, to myself). Lip injuries (and scalp injuries) really do bleed astonishingly.

Giselle said...

Ouch! Andrew has had many a fat lip, but I've never seen a mark like that one. Poor baby.

Hope she feels better soon!

Erin said...

We've had biting-inside-of-lip accidents with Cal and it completely FREAKS ME OUT how much they bleed. And something about the sight of all that blood, turning the kid's teeth red, dripping out of the mouth... it's all very much like something out of a horror movie. Glad she's okay!