Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Here's how you can tell your child has watched too much preschool television:

Earlier this week Harper was asking for something that had a guitar in it -- she pronounces guitar, "ki-tar."

"I want the ki-tar one! Ki-tar, ki-tar, kiiii-taaarrr. Can you say ki-tar?"

We (my mom, dad, sister, and I) all say, "guitar."

"Good job sayin' ki-tar! I knew you could say ki-tar!"


Other funny things Harper has said this week include:

Watering the driveway and then saying, "Now it will grow into a tall mountain. The biggest mountain in the whole wide world!" (Incidentally, I thought that was fairly good reasoning. Watering things makes them grow and what would concrete grow into besides a mountain?)

Pulling up her big-girl pants after a trip to the bathroom, "Dziatku calls them britches, can you say britches? Now I will sing the britches song. . . britches, britches, britches, britches."


Mommy Daisy said...

OK, she is definitely in the running for "Cutest Kid of the Year". So funny, the things she says.

Laura said...

I'm very impressed at her rationalizing that watering the driveway would have potential to grow into a mountain! Good reasoning!

Also, my husband has referred to pants as "britches" before and asked Elaina to say "britches." However, when my 2 year old says "britches" her "R's" aren't quite clear and it sounds completely different. I've suggested that we don't use that term anymore- we'll stick to pants/ underwear. Her pronunciation throws that word into a completely different context!!

Although hearing a 2 year old sing a snappy song about
"b(r)itches" would be hysterical though!