Thursday, August 30, 2007

Not So Extreme Makeover: Harper Edition

Here's the thing; for a long, long time Harper had no hair. In the last year or so it has really grown a lot (a lot being totally relative). Back in February I took her for her first haircut, but I was pretty chicken about it and allowed very little of her hair to actually be cut. The good that came out of that first trip was the fact that Harper had a positive experience and was not scared to go back.

Once again, Harper's hair has been reaching such extremes of disarray, her style was starting to look like we woke up and stuck her finger in a socket every morning. I can tame it somewhat with barrettes and pigtails, but she usually ends up pulling them out halfway through the day and then her hair looks even more ridiculous than when we started.

If you have been reading for a while you'll know I have posted several times about the state of Harper's hair. I know that physical appearances are not everything and blah, blah, blah. The hair situation bothers me because it has started to look like we don't comb it or even wash it much and I don't want to be walking around with people following behind muttering, "neglect," and making mental notes to look up the number for CPS.

So here is Harper before the much needed haircut I took her for yesterday:

We headed off to see Miss Laura, the very woman who saved me from a disastrous haircut which happened the week after my honeymoon. Since then, no one else brings scissors anywhere near my hair. Harper wasn't afraid to get her hair cut, but she was very serious this time around, keeping an odd poker face and refusing to speak to Laura. What can I say? Welcome to my two-year-old.

The only thing I asked Laura not to touch were her bangs, because bangs would mean I have to either a) learn how to trim them myself (not likely) or b) take her every four to six weeks for another haircut (not happening). So we will still have a minor hair-in-the-face issue, but anything had to be better than that light socket look.

The after pictures:

Not bad!


Swistle said...

I read every single word and examined every single photo with GREAT INTEREST, because we have very similar issues at our house with Elizabeth: not much hair, always looks fwingy, barrettes and ponytails bring temporary relief but ultimately don't work.

Harper looks so cute in those photos. I love how she poses for front/side/back views.

Also, do you LOVE your Fridge Phonics? The twins are NUTS about ours.

Kelsey said...


I DO love Fridge Phonics! I also love that it is located in the kitchen, which is not a central play area in our house. Harper will play with it if we are in the kitchen making dinner or putting dishes away, but I don't have to hear it all the live long day. Because then? I might not like it so much.

Emily said...

I love the haircut! I have a feeling that we will be having similar hair issues if and when Katy gets enough for it to need cutting. It's just bound to be fine and difficult to control, just like mom's. Very nice, though!

Giselle said...

She looks great! It's amazing how a haircut makes a kid just grow up before your eyes.

And we have fridge phonics. Andrew only plays with it at OTHER people's houses. He ignores ours. Grrrrr...

Mommy Daisy said...

Oh, I love Harper's new hair cut. She looks so cute!

My son's hair grows like crazy. He's always had a lot of it, and once I started cutting it I couldn't stop. That's one thing I really like about having a boy, I can cut his hair.