Friday, August 24, 2007

And Now, the Zoo Photos

Back in July, Aunt Meaghan and Auntie Shannon were both here visiting and we all took a trip to the zoo. I decided I couldn't decide which photos to post, I must post many, and so here is the first installment. These are all pictures of Harper and zoo statues (or statue-like things). Please enjoy and then leave a comment to let me know whether you also think the girl-statue reading a book is just a little creepy looking. It might help you to know that she is almost directly across from the polar bear exhibit.

(I interrupt these photos to point out that Harper was trying to hold the girl's hand, but, darn it, she wouldn't let go of that book.)

Somewhere at home I also have a picture of Harper, in this same turtle shell, in which she looks like a total thug. If I remember I will post it later this weekend.

There are lots of things that went undocumented this summer, now that I'm trying to do a little catching up, I feel uninspired to do much writing about most of it. So you can look forward to a few photo-heavy posts. Because please, who wouldn't want to look at pictures of Harper all day?

I also have many fun photos from our week in Wisconsin, mostly of Harper with the people we visited, but I need to take them home and do some strategic red eye removal before they are ready for posting. Stay tuned!


Swistle said...

The girl statue IS creepy. She's like the innocent-looking character in a movie who slowly turns to reveal ALL-WHITE EYEBALLS! or ALL-RED-GLOWING EYEBALLS!

Mommy Daisy said...

Creepy statue. But I love that tortoise shell one. Looks like Harper had a great time. And I love that you took all the statue pictures.

Erin said...

Man, I miss ONE day of checking your blog and I totally hit the jackpot! Three posts! Kelsey, if you keep this up, I'm going to start having expectations. Like that one month when you posted every day. That was awesome.

I love the photos and video. I'll have to try out that video deal. It's pretty cool to see Shannon too. Hi Shannon!

Anonymous said...

I kind of preferred the creepy statue to my creepy roommate with the alligator - that will keep me up at nights! - Kristin