Saturday, August 18, 2007

Long, Long Ago

Those of you who also read Giselle's blog will know this story already, but it's too good not to share. . .

Way back in mid-June Giselle, Jeff, and their children, Lily and Andrew, were in town for a wedding. The night of the rehearsal dinner, Giselle and the kids opted for pizza and a visit with us while Jeff met his groomsman obligation. Let's face it, rehearsal dinners are rarely fun for children, even if they are in the wedding!

We had high hopes for Andrew and Harper's getting together because they both tend to say hilarious things. I think we all imagined some intense preschool conversing, but it never really happened. They warmed up to each other about ten minutes before our guests had to leave. Harper, with no siblings of her own, gets so excited about children visiting that she can barely contain herself, but she didn't really know what to make of Andrew and she practically buried Lily by handing her a bazillion toys.

I know it is quite difficult to imagine, but Lily is far cuter in person than she is in photos, and she's darn cute in photos. If you don't want more children, then you'd best not meet her, because she is that adorable and agreeable.

Now for the funny part:

At one point both Harper and Andrew had to go to the bathroom. We decided to let them use the bathroom at the same time, Andrew on the "big potty" and Harper in our potty seat. Harper glanced up while Andrew was sans underwear, gasped, and exclaimed, "Andrew, you have a tail!"

To which a dismayed Andrew said, "I do not!"

(Yes, yes, an anatomy lesson is probably in order.)


mommy daisy said...

A tail. Oh my, oh my. That is soo funny! Yep a little anatomy lesson is definitely in order.

Swistle said...

HA ha HA! *gasping* *wiping eyes* A tail! Oh, dear! Ha ha ha!

Also, that Lily! She is too much cuteness.

Giselle said...

Damn, our kids are cute. Except Andrew. What a "character" (insert less attractive adjective here).

I immortalized the "tail" story in my blog as well. STILL cracks me up.

Megan said...

So funny, I love it!!!

Laura said...

Too funny! What a surprise that must have been for Harper?

I definately would have suspected an instant friendship between the two little talk machines. Looking at those sweet Lily cheeks, how could you not want to offer her everything under the sun to make her smile? What a good, little hostess- that girl of yours!