Monday, February 19, 2007

Two Posts in One Day; Don't Let Your Head Explode

Here is a little summary of this "winter" in Ohio.

Phase One: Where is our snow? Where is our cold? Why is it 60 degrees this late in October? No, I will not mow the lawn anymore.

Phase Two: Finally, it's a little cold, we can stop putting flea stuff on the dog.

Phase Three: OHMYGOSH! It. Is. So. Cold. I don't like this. Where is spring? Or at least let us have some snow!

Phase Four: Why is it still snowing? Never mind. No more snow. Kids need to go to school and I would like to pull the car out of the driveway.

Stay tuned for Phase Five, The Great Thaw, which is likely to contain flooding and all of Ohio sinking into a giant mud puddle. (FYI: I won't be a fan of Phase Five either. Apparently I don't think much of this "weather" stuff.)

So we finally had snow on the ground and a day warm enough to take Harper out to play in it. Sadly, it was not packing snow and, though we tried, there is still no snowman with a carrot nose gracing our front yard. Harper was only mildly upset by the lack of snowman.

Harper spent a lot of time just sort of flopping around in the snow. Then she would struggle to her feet and throw some in the air yelling, "It's snooooowing!"

After while, to take a break from the flopping and the throwing, she helped us shovel. It appears that, when you are two, shoveling and playing are not mutually exclusive concepts.

Tomorrow it is supposed to rain (see Phase Five, above) and we will enter the part of the year in which the dog will not be clean again for months. This is otherwise known as spring. If you were not fortunate enough to be here a few weeks ago, after my mom had scrubbed the kitchen floor, you'd best not visit soon. The floor is scheduled to be clean again in June.


Mommy Daisy said...

I'm with you on the Ohio weather. Yuck! I did love having the snow - even though it's been so cold. But now that it's melting away...AHHH! And the dog! He just went to the groomer. He'll be sure a mess. Not looking forward to that. And I have carpet in my kitchen, so I have to scrub mud stains out of the carpet all spring. Oh well, part of living here.

Erin said...

Bring on the dirty dogs! I'm ready for SPRING!!

Laura said...

You definately have Ohio weather down to a science! I couldn't agree with your depiction more!

By the way... can I just tell you how much I love Harper's snow suit and little shovel!?? How cute!