Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Baking Buddies

I really do need to do cooking projects with Harper more often because she likes it so much. Baking seems to be the easiest thing to do with her, especially when it involves brownies from a box rather than homemade pretzels. Also, box brownies take about ten minutes to make, and that's with a toddler "helping."

We talked about measuring and pouring, as well as designating, "Harper jobs," and, "Mommy jobs." For example, pouring oil in the bowl is a Harper job; cracking the eggs is a Mommy job. As long as there were Harper jobs she didn't fuss over the Mommy ones.

Stirring was probably her favorite part, although she kept saying, "Yuck. Dese bowneees are yucky!"

You have to admit, brownie batter does look a little like dirt.

Once she got to taste the batter, Harper was totally on board. Don't worry, we didn't consume massive amounts of batter, just a taste. While we were tasting I said to Harper, "This is called, 'Licking the bowl.'" Which I should have know she would take literally.

Today Harper actually got to eat one of the brownies; they weren't cool enough last night. She doesn't get a lot of chocolate (most of it isn't safe for someone with peanut allergy), and she loved it. Although she still thought the crumbs looked like dirt and didn't care for them on her hands. "Dis bownee made my hans all yucky." It did not bother her enough to stop eating.

And now I say goodbye, I am going on hiatus for a few days. I have a ginormous project due Sunday night and darn it if it just keeps not getting finished. So no more blogging for me until I submit it. I might also, gasp, take a break from reading blogs for the next couple of days. So if I typically read and comment on yours, don't be offended. I'll be back next week. Have a good weekend!

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Laura said...

Your time away has been missed... I look forward to when you can re-join the world of blogging. It's amazing how many more hours you can find in the day when you're not blogging/reading.
Good luck on your project!