Monday, February 26, 2007

Tag! I'm It!

This is very exciting. I have received my first ever meme tag. And it came from Mommy Daisy.

I think a significant number of people who read this blog are not necessarily bloggers and therefore may not know what a meme is, so allow me to try to enlighten. There are lots of definitions and if you look up "meme" in Wikipedia, it has a complicated history that I knew nothing about. A "memetag" however, is what we're talking about. (Read here and here if you care about these things!) A meme is when one blogger tags another and the tagged blogger answers a list of questions or lists their favorite books, or some variation of that sort of activity. So Mommy Daisy tagged me, and if you read to the end of this post, then you can see who I tag.

1. What is your main cell phone ring tone?

My phone plays the "Chinese Dance" from the Nutcraker. I always know when it's my phone that's ringing. I would also like to note that our home phones play "Old MacDonald Had a Farm."

2. What is your default avatar?

I think I have an avatar on Yahoo, and it is just a girl/woman with brown hair and eyes. I'm not sure anyone actually sees it. It is not very accurate; they were short on the avatars that looked like sweat pants wearing non-professional housewives.

3. What station is your car radio permanently tuned to?

My car radio is often playing Raffi's Singable Songs for the Very Young. But when Harper isn't demanding the "Waffi singing," I listen to one of our two local NPR stations. (If you are a dork like me you are totally jealous that I have two NPR stations to listen to.)

4. What is your computer desktop image?

It is one of Harper playing in the snow. Actually, the last one from this post.

5. Is there something you wear every single day?

Socks, slippers, flip-flops, or tennis shoes. I greatly dislike having bare feet, even in the house.

6. I wish I had a tracking device on:

There is no one object I consistently struggle to find. But there are always those items I know I have and that I put in a very specific space for safekeeping and then I cannot find when I need them. So I really need a tracking device for anything I put away thinking, "I'll put it here so it doesn't get lost and I can find it when I do need it."

7. What page does your Internet browser open with?

My Yahoo page.

8. This item never leaves my car/purse:

Blistex Lip Medex or DCT, especially in the winter. I also always have one of those little tissue packages.

9. What TV show do you never miss?

There are several I enjoy weekly, but LOST is probably the one I'm most upset to miss because it is hard to follow. I am addicted because I just can't figure out what the heck is up with that show!

10. What phrase do you hear yourself repeating too often?

"Harper? What are you doing?"

Now I tag Erin at MO Mommy. You're it!

1 comment:

Laura said...

I love that you explained what a "memetag" is. For the bloggers who just get by faking their technological intelligence, (myself!) it was greatly appreciated!

OOhhh... you like DCT too? I thought for sure that was a well-kept secret. I am a chap-stick-a-holic. Next time try Blistex Lip Infusion. It's not as medicated and creamy but it rolls on with a metal ball and the shine and taste are kinda yummy!

And about your #5, I get that totally! Always socks and shoes or slippers. I can hardly stand bare feet in summer either- sandals are a must! Yeah! I don't feel so alone in my sock and shoe world afterall!