Sunday, February 11, 2007

A Note About People in Cars

Is it me, or does it seem more and more dangerous to leave home these days? I'm not going to go on a long rant about bad drivers, Lord knows I've had my own moments, but I just thought I'd send out an extra word of caution as a sort of public service announcement.

We live in a fairly subdued area and I still routinely see people driving way too fast, not paying attention, following too closely, and generally committing an entire list of traffic no-nos. Even if you are an excellent driver, you cannot account for the actions of anyone else. Last week Harper and I were crossing a Kroger parking lot and I saw a car hit another woman's cart as she was crossing the road! Fortunately no one seemed to be injured, just scared. At least the driver of the car was moving slowly, she just wasn't looking and plowed right into the other woman's cart. Can you imagine? These are the people we are on the road with, so please, be careful out there.

Someday she will be one of those people on the road.

I'll let you know when it happens.

It might be a good time to retire to Bermuda.


Erin said...

Kelsey, there are two possible explanations for this bad driving phenomenon:

1. Cell phones

2. You are getting old

Swistle said...

I wish there could be two roads to every destination: the "safe, careful, defensive drivers" road and the "swooping around slower cars, talking on my cell phone, tailgating drivers" road.

Kate said...

Love the shades!! So cute!

Anonymous said...

If it's any comfort at all, I believe you are way safer in Ohio than you would be out here in Colorado. Apparently out here, turn signals do not exist, u-turns are allowed anywhere and everywhere, and it's perfectly acceptable to decide at the last minute that you need cut across 2 lanes of traffic to turn right even though you were in the left turn lane to begin with. Not even kidding, it happens ALL the time.

And I LOVE the awesome hat and sunglasses! Cutest pictures ever!