Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy candy and flowers day to everyone. Nana and Dziatku generously joined us for dinner and then stayed to babysit so Matt and I could see a movie. We saw The Pursuit of Happyness and it was wonderful. A word of caution though, the movie is about 99% pursuit and only 1% happyness. I cried a lot. If that movie didn't have a happy ending, they would probably have needed ushers handing out Prozac as people left the theater.

Going to see a movie with Matt was a nice treat, which couldn't have come at a better time. Today was not a good day, toddler-wise. Example: I went downstairs to switch a load of laundry while Harper was finishing her applesauce. I heard her laughing as I was pouring laundry detergent and came upstairs to find she had literally flung applesauce all over the kitchen with her spoon. Harper is ornery in what I suspect are many normal toddler ways, but she has an abnormal fondness for throwing her food. It drives me absolutely crazy. I took the remaining applesauce away (we're trying to teach her that food on the floor or walls means she's finished eating) and she screamed. Then she screamed because I wouldn't give her marshmallows.

Then the dog refused to come in and stood barking at our unkind neighbor who was shoveling his driveway. Our history with the neighbors and our dog is a long and unpleasant one, resulting in the fact that we tell the dog not to bark when he goes outside. I couldn't even chase him and bring him in, the snow was too deep. I will admit that I cried in frustration (there was a lot of crying today, come to think of it) and then Harper gave me two of her Fisher Price babies to make me feel all better.

She actually said, "Was a matter Mommy? I tan make you feel better, otay? I give you dese babies, otay? Der you go. Is dat much better?"

Then she went back to screaming about marshmallows. That's two for you.

The snow has kept us housebound for two entire days with not even a trip to Kroger to break up the insanity. I desperately wanted to go to playgroup today, but would not have been able to get my little car out of the driveway. So we played at home.

Have I ever mentioned that some of Harper's favorite toys are actually Rebound's toys? Yesterday she fell in love with this tennis doughnut. And she decided that looking at me through it was hilarious.

"Yook at me Mommy! I tan see you!"

I laughed because she though it was so funny. Then she asked me to take her picture.

Today she pulled out the routine again, and again requested a picture.

Tomorrow we will get out of the house!

(Thanks to the supportive things everyone wrote about the peanut allergy post. And thanks to all the non-commenters who were supportive over the phone. A combination of one or two more hives and some very sloppy diapers makes me think the virus theory was the correct one and she wasn't having a reaction at all. You just never know.)


Emily said...

I feel ya, Kelsey. Being stuck at home with a particularly fussy baby for the past couple of days (teething? boredom?) hasn't been the most fun. And I missed playgroup yesterday for the exact same reason. We got to go out to dinner and it was a welcome break.
Happy Valentine's Day, and enjoy your trip to the grocery as much as I will!

Swistle said...

"the movie is about 99% pursuit and only 1% happyness"--ha ha ha ha ha!

Mommy Daisy said...

So glad to hear that you had a nice Valentine's Day. We were stuck inside for several days to, so I know what you mean. So cute about Harper trying to comfort you though, fleeting as it was. And the pictures of her cheesy-ness...adorable. Gotta love a cute kid. It makes even the bad days seem like they might be ok.