Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Pumpkin Patch

On Saturday, Harper went with Matt to get "a pumpkin" from a garden center/nursery near here. Sadly, I'm not even sure exactly where it is they went. (I am not clued in on many of the trip's details, as I was in my Cataloging and Classification class. I know, I know, you really wish you could take that class too, just for fun.)

While Matt didn't seem like he was chomping at the bit to be a guest blogger and write about their experiences, he did take lots of pictures. Apparently Harper was most interested in the cute little pumpkins. Think the toy category of the dog show, just apply it to produce.

Matt did convince her to pick one (barely) larger pumpkin.

He took it upon himself to bring home one decent-sized pumpkin which, in theory, we will actually scoop out and carve. We'll see.

Last year I went as far as making Harper a poodle costume, as in cutting out a pattern and sewing it. I believe this was some kind of attempt to prove, if only to myself, that I would not let my aversion to Halloween ruin my daughter's childhood. We did not go as far as to carve a pumpkin. This year, since she can actually say pumpkin, we thought we might give it a try.

I have somewhat fond memories of gathering around our kitchen table as children, attempting to keep the pumpkin guts on the newspapers that had been spread out, and trying to communicate our elaborate design details to Dad, who did most of the carving when we were little. Mom was nearby, groaning if we begged for her to save and roast the pumpkin seeds. I am quite sure I always promised I'd eat them, and they probably never tasted quite as good as I seemed to imagine they would. I still remember the smell of pumpkin soaked newspaper and roasting seeds. And I remember the way the pumpkins never quite looked the way you'd imagined when you were finished. Although, for me, that's true of most any kind of visual art. I'm more with the words and not so much with, well, anything that requires manual dexterity.

Perhaps Harper will astonish us with both her coordination and artistic genius and carve her own pumpkin. With a safety knife of course.

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