Thursday, October 19, 2006

Living in the Land of the Literal

Welcome to toddlerhood. Today we were dancing around in the living room and Harper's pants were falling down so I asked her to pull them up. . . And she did.


I find that Harper, in all the glory that comes with being a toddler, makes me think twice about many decisions, not only the words I choose to use. Sometime this summer I had the measuring tape out of my sewing basket. Harper was enjoying chasing Rebound around the house and "measuring" him, which basically meant flinging the tape at him and laughing hysterically. Allowing Harper to run around with something as harmless as measuring tape seemed like no big deal; until I wanted to use it yesterday. 45 minutes and lots of dust bunnies later, I fished it out from under the couch in the family room. There are probably better ways I could spend my time. Once Harper's Elmo spoon went missing for about six weeks and I found it under the treadmill. I'm thinking of stitching a sampler that reads, "Have toddler. Will lose things."

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