Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Party Plans

Here is a photo of Harper wondering whether or not we'll have to move her scheduled birthday party, now that this event has been announced.

Personally I'm just relieved the paparazzi will have something better to do that day than fly helicopters over our house to see who exactly we've invited.

(And no, I don't know about the conflicting event because of what I'm reading online or because I watch too much E! Sadly, it was an item on our local evening news.)


Erin said...

Kels, you should know that I STILL have no idea what this event is which competes with Harper's second b-day. Why? Because I check your blog and WORK and it won't let me connect to the site where I can read about this proclaimed event. The suspense is KILLING me. UGH! PLEASE EMAIL ME AT WORK AND TELL ME WHAT IT IS!

Emily said...

Kelsey, TomKat has been trumping me for a year now. They announced their dramatic engagement practically on my wedding day, announced they were pregnant right when I did, and while I was sitting blurry-eyed in front of the TV with a screaming newborn - Tom Cruise was announcing to the world that his one month old was sleeping through the night, and that Katie had lost all her baby weight already just by breastfeeding. BLEH! Too bad everyone in the country will be focused on Harper's birthday (as well as the OSU v. Michigan game) to be concerned with their overpriced wedding!