Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thankful Thursday - The Third

Dear Harper,

This month I've been using Thursdays to post about things I'm thankful for. Today my thankful day just happens to coincide with your 12th birthday. So here, in no particular order, are a few things about you that I'm thankful for:

  • I'm thankful you came along 12 years ago and made me a mother.
  • I'm thankful, despite the fact that it drives me crazy much of the time, for your sense of independence. You are not afraid to do you own thing and that will serve you well as you get older.
  • I'm thankful that you are able to use the ups and downs you experience in your friendships to cultivate a kind and compassionate heart.
  • I'm thankful that, despite the fact that I am certain I drive you crazy much of the time, you talk to me and tell me about what is going on with dance, and school, and your friends.
  • I'm thankful that I have the opportunity to watch you discover your talents and interests - this year it has been especially fun to witness how you love your science class and your blossoming interest in the violin.
  • I'm thankful you love books and that we get to talk about the great books we read. 
  • I'm thankful we get to share a love of music and theater. (And by the way, I predict you'll love Hamilton, eventually!)
  • I'm thankful for all these years of watching you express your passion for dance.
  • I'm thankful that you work hard at school, even on the nights when we need to tell you to just go to bed already, and that your efforts are paying off.
  • I'm thankful that you're not too old or too cool to hug your mom and dad goodnight before you go to bed.
  • I'm thankful for the hope that you and I will continue to learn how to grow together and have a good relationship, despite the rocky terrain we'll encounter in the years to come. 
I love you, Harper, and I hope you've had a great birthday!


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