Saturday, November 12, 2016

Harper, Meet Dar

Tonight, barring something completely unforeseen in the next two hours, I'm heading to Columbus, Ohio, to take Harper to her first Dar Williams concert. I'm trying to temper my expectations because I know the likelihood of Harper being as excited as I am are slim. I know that this evening is unlikely to be momentous for her, but I've been waiting years to see Dar Williams live with Harper. The last time she played anywhere near us it was on a weeknight and a testing week so keeping Harper out late seemed ill-advised.

This is a special show we're going to see. It's part of a tour during to mark the 20th anniversary of Dar's Mortal City album release. That album was released while I was in college and a song from it, "Iowa," was the first Dar Williams song I ever heard. My college roommate got the CD for her birthday, or maybe Christmas, and we listened to that song on repeat for weeks. (We were big on songs on repeat.)

Here's a video Dar's team created of fans holding up the lyrics to, "Iowa," which I'm very much looking forward to hearing tonight:

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