Sunday, November 06, 2016

Draft Day #1: Story Time

I mentioned that I had some predetermined blog themes in mind to help keep me on track this month. I had four drafts sitting in my blogger account so I thought doing a "Draft Day" on Sundays this month might be a fun way to revisit items I thought I might post about in the past.

This first one was sitting with a title, "Story Time," from June of 2008. Which makes Harper about 3 1/2 years old in these photos:

She still sleeps in that bed and has the rest of that furniture. The color of her walls is different now, as are the sheets, and I don't think any of those particular animals are in her bedroom. Her walls are covered with posters these days, quotes from the musical Wicked, a Taylor Swift calendar. The room is almost always a mess. It's sort of a nice reminder to see this pictures and know that bare bones of the room haven't changed all that much. I think the important things about that little girl haven't either.

I can tell she's reading to her animals from a big book of "Golden" stories which she received for her baptism from a college friend of Matt's and his then girlfriend, now wife. I think the book went on to live in Michael's room for a while and is probably packed away. If I can remember who gave it to us, I'm unlikely to have gotten rid of it. The books are very different now, of course, but still read with the same intensity. These days she shares them with book club friends instead of stuffed animals. Although, if given the chance, she'll definitely invite a little one onto her lap for a story.

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