Friday, November 11, 2016

Flashback Friday #2

I'm feeling nostalgic today - adulting has been difficult this week. So here's a picture of me in third grade, with a pictures of Harper and Michael, also in third grade, for comparison: 

My third grade teacher was Mrs. Boehm and she was in one of her first years of teaching. I went to a very small grade school so that year second and third grades were in one classroom with one teacher. There were twenty of us in that class. Sadly, I don't remember a ton of specifics from that year of school, although I know I loved my teacher. We used to go out for a fish fry on Friday nights and often ran into her at a particular restaurant - which was always a bit of a thrill. 

Several years ago I ran into her at some kind of fundraiser or event. It was funny to reminisce as an adult and someone who has also been a classroom teacher. The year I had her I guess the 2nd and 3rd graders did not go to "specials" classes together. So when we went to gym or music, Mrs. Boehm still had the 2nd grade students. When they went, she was left with us 3rd graders. Teachers also used to have to take turns supervising the lunch room and maybe recess, too. It sounds like she didn't have any planning or grading time! Looking back, I bet that job was a bit of a nightmare. She was professional enough that we had no idea. 

What I do remember about third grade was that two new students, girls, joined our class that year. We had a little trouble getting along all the time. At one point we set up some sort of recess schedule to determine who would play with each other on which days - in an attempt to end our arguing about it. Ah, grade school drama!

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Swistle said...

Michael has your smile.

My third grade teacher was one of my best; we exchange Christmas cards now. We got a mid-year transfer student, and we were unkind to her at first; my teacher was beloved, and her rebuke of us was kind but firm in a way that brought us to immediate remorse and change.