Friday, November 04, 2016

Flashback Friday #1

Shannon and I, June 1993

At the risk of being too gimmicky - I figured the only way I was going to get through daily blog posting was to have some days with a predetermined theme. So Fridays are going to be for old photos. The one above is my younger sister and I, from 23 years ago. The picture was not dated in any way in my album, but I was able to draw some conclusions from the photos around it:

1) I had just finished up my sophomore year in high school, and that makes me 16 in this photo.

2) My sister would have just finished 7th grade and would be about to turn 14.

3) I'm pretty sure my brother, who would have been almost 8 at the time, took the photo. He did a great job, considering this was back in the day when you just took a picture and hoped for the best, unable to see how you did until weeks later when you'd sent the film in for processing.

There was a texture to that shirt that I can close my eyes and remember exactly, it was one of my favorites. I remember wearing that necklace, too, which I'm pretty sure was just a bead on a piece of leather.

Two of my favorite things you can sort of see in the photo are the giant boombox that was on top of my bookshelf (which had been a 14th birthday present) and the white phone cord dangling down from my dresser on the right. So old fashioned!

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