Thursday, April 28, 2011

Miscellany And One Final Plea

Thank you thank you thank you for your humble and perfect responses to yesterday's post! I hope it was clear that I wasn't trying to say I was a terrible parent because of a few less than perfect incidents. It felt a little like confessing. I know that we can't be perfect or great or even good with our children every moment of every day - it was such an odd affirmation to hear your stories, or even just to hear that you had stories you weren't comfortable sharing. No one is perfect, amen. That is why I love the whole bloggy community thing. You are my village.


Oh wow, I am so so sorry about the weather down south yesterday. It's all horrifying. And after the recent massive tornadoes in other areas... this is not good for my severe weather anxiety. Twice this year we've had tornado watches that extend into the wee hours and I cannot make myself go to bed when we have that threat of severe weather. I'm an insanely sound sleeper 99% of the time and I have zero confidence that I would wake up if severe weather hit in the middle of the night. So I just stay up and wait. Last night we had a tornado watch that wasn't set to expire until 3 a.m. Fortunately it was lifted around 1 a.m. but that is still a late night, even for a night owl like me. Do any of you have weather radios? Would THAT wake me up at night? Suggestions please!


May I make a quick plug for the post office? I love the post office and now they are starting to make all the new stamps they release the "forever" kind - meaning they will still be good even when there are rate hikes in the future. So go ahead and stock up at $.44 a piece - they'll always work!

My cold is going away and my ankle is feeling much, much better. This is good news because our March for Babies is on Saturday! We've been in ark building mode here, so relentless is the rain, but Saturday it is going to be sunny and dry! Good omens all around! I would LOVE to see our amount raised hit the $2500 mark. Which means we need about $250 more. Many of you have already given, but if not, please consider lifting your couch cushions and peeking under the floor mats in the minivan and see if you can find even $5 to contribute. I'll say it again, every little bit adds up! And if you're really motivated to help you can send your own blog readers or Facebook followers our way, just have them follow this link. Thank you!

Michael and my dad say, "Come on! It's for the babies!"


Chris said...

Such a great picture of the boys! Hope the walk went well. Good for you guys for raising so much money. Enjoy your week...hope to see you soon.

Mary Stewart said...

Delurking to comment, but I read you all the time.I have a weather radio, in fact my sister insists everyone in the family have one. I live in Arnold, Mo and where I live you can't hear tornado sirens as well as you can in other places. I use it for severe weather and it would definitely wake you up. I keep mine next to my bed. Severe weather at night is the most scary and even with the radio I have a hard time sleeping.Here in Jefferson County, through our 911 service, you can sign up to be notified by home phone or cell phone, of severe weather in the area. I signed up specifically for the middle of the night storms. This way if for some reason I wasn't paying attention, and sometimes I don't, the phone call would wake us up. It has been truly helpful and this year we have spent alot of time in the basement.
I'll stop babbling now.
Mary Stewart