Friday, April 01, 2011


  • It is April Fool's Day, but I'm letting you know right now that there are no pranks in this post. Not that there will even be anything you'd likely think was a prank....
  • My kids think they are camping in the living room tonight - despite my repeated reminders that they do not have permission to sleep in the living room tonight. They have a whole thing set up, including having set out their clothes for tomorrow.
  • I took Harper to have professional photos taken today, wanting to capture the toothless grin before her adult teeth give her a crazy looking mouth for the next few years. It was bunny time at the photo place and Michael even wormed his way in for a few shots. We did not go there for bunny pictures and yet I ended up purchasing some - slick move photo place.
  • It is the LAST DAY to purchase the March of Dimes dresses/tops my friend Liz created with 100% of the proceeds going to our March for Babies team. Links to the details are in my previous post, in the sidebar, and all over my Facebook profile. Thanks to everyone who has already supported us and/or shared the links!
  • We're Catholic, it is Lent, it is Friday - that means fish for dinner (no meat today). I'm going to try lightly breading and baking some haddock fillets. I really like cod but I'm finding it tricky to cook because it is so thick... if you have any good fish recipes for a picky family, let me know. 
  • We just signed Harper up for a second round of acting classes - this makes me want to do a larger post about the kinds of opportunities we decide to offer our children. Thoughts?
  • My kids are lining up next to me for an after lunch Girl Scout Cookie, elbowing each other and arguing over who gets his/her cookie first. There are only two of them - it is ridiculous.
  • I highly recommend having visitors during spring break because here we are on the technical last day of spring break and the kids aren't driving me completely bonkers yet. In a related note: Who wants to visit us this summer?
The camping set up - please note the dress and leotard hanging at the corner of the fire place. Those are for dance time. Guess who gets the leotard.


Nowheymama said...

Aww. I'd totally cave on the living room sleepover. So cute.

Laura said...

You crack me up! I love that Michael has become Harper's little accomplice!

I want to see you this summer! Any chance you and yours would be interested in a day trip to the Columbus Zoo?

Jana said...

I don't comment very often, but I just wanted to say I feel your dietary pain during Lent. We also do the no-meat thing on Fridays in Lent for my Catholic husband and I'm not a big fan of fish, so often Friday is our meatless/vegetarian meal of the week. Tonight we're having homemade spinach artichoke pizza (plain cheese for the kids). Last week we had homemade shrimp spring rolls just so I wouldn't have to deal with fish.

If we do have fish, it's usually tilapia and I broil it in the oven for 8-9 minutes with a bit of Tony Chachere's seasoning (hubby's from New Orleans) or Mrs. Dash. Makes it edible, but it's still not my favorite.

Erin said...

Yay for camping in the living room! Our boys are actually doing that RIGHT NOW. Joy.

Also, I want to see pics of the visit with Tracy and girls! Pretty please?

Kate said...

Email giselle for her easy tilapia recipe. If you like salmon, and a little spice, I have an awesome recipe that involves chinese garlic/chili sauce and apricot jam-- so good.

CARRIE said...

OMG! I wrote this huge long comment and blogger ate it!! ARGHHHHH!!! So not a cool April Fool joke.

Anyway, the jist was this:
In preschool, N took 1 year of dance lessons that had an outrageous recital at the end....and so momma was done with that nonsense.

So far in elementary, she has done Girl Scouts 2 times a month (in K and grade 1). She took a 6 week gymnastics club this past fall and is now taking one (even though I would have preferred that she do soccer). And in kindergarten she did a week-long art club.

bluedaisy said...

See how they just keep right on preparing, even though you already said, "No". I'm really interested to know if they wore you down?
Oh and the Lenten Fridays, we are all about the pizza! Hubby does not like fish/seafood...I'm trying to get him on board!!
PS- I am loving my new CD mix :)

Hillary or Ryan said...

Ohhhhh....coming to visit you this summer is very tempting. I'm not sure if I can imagine driving all of those hours with the kids by myself. Ryan works most of the summer, so maybe I could come during the week. And maybe I could rope my sister into a mini-vacation to Ohio to visit you. Hmmmmm....let me think about this.