Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Picture Time!

Yes, this is one of those posts that might not be of interest to many people. As opposed to my typical posts which obviously appeal to the masses...Anyway, those of you who know both Tracy and I might get a kick out of seeing a glimpse of her visit.

Here are a few pictures from last week (Was it only last week?!) when my friend Tracy and her 3 (!) beautiful daughters made the drive from St. Louis to visit with us. They arrived on Sunday. On Monday day we were also joined by another college friend, Lesley, who thoughtfully brought gifts for all five kids.

Ruth and Harper exclaim over their new Disney Princess lip gloss.

Miriam looks on as Michael drives his new cars.

On Tuesday we decided the weather had warmed up just enough that we could sneak the kids out to the park to burn up some energy after naps. We took Tracy and her daughters to a newly renovated city playground.
Harper is in the middle of that giant slide - see how tiny she looks - that thing is HUGE!

Harper and Ruth conquered the climbing logs, over and over and over...

Martha and Michael took the little kids' equipment for a test drive.

Miriam and Harper chillin' in the kitchen before dinner. My kids could not keep their hands off Miriam - they loved having a baby around!
Look at how full our kitchen table is! When it is just the four of us we fit comfortably around it we don't need the leaf. I loved having such a full table (we even tucked a little table in the corner for Ruth and Harper)!

Eventually (Wednesday morning) we had to say goodbye. It was so much fun having them visit and I hope we haven't scared them into never coming back!
It was fairly impossible to get a photo of all the kids looking in the same direction, let alone smiling! Somehow they seem fewer sitting on this couch together than they did when they were running loose...

Michael was in LOVE with Miriam. He is still insisting he's going to marry her and gets really upset when Harper asks him to choose someone else - that is what passes for lunchtime conversation BTW.


Heather said...

Fun pictures! Thanks for sharing them!

MamaK said...

love this! who does Harper have in mind for Michael? or has she given a reason for him to choose someone else? i love hearing the way they think!

Jeakle said...

nice pics, Kels! surprise, surprise... I do read your blog :)

Giselle said...

Tracy's kids are so cute! As are yours, of course...I just don't get to peek in at Tracy's life each week like yours. Tell her to get on that. I'm sure she has nothing better to do with 3 girls under 4.


And I hope Lesley is doing well also. I miss all you girls!

tracy said...

Oh gosh, Kels, of course we are coming back! We had such a great time. Thanks for being such a wonderful host to us-- we loved being with you. (And I am totally onboard with the marriage!! Can you imagine a 101 wedding?!?!)

ps: every time we get in the car, Martha asks if we're going back to Harper & Michael's house.

Emily said...

So fun to see the pictures of your kids together. That would've been a crazy and super fun few days with all of you in the house together. I totally get how they seem fewer on the couch - I feel the same way whenever we put a group of kids together to take a photo.

I think I am mostly impressed that Tracy drove, what, 8 hours?!? alone with those 3 girls? Impressive, Tracy, impressive. :)

Nan said...

You girls (and guy) are so cute. :)

bluedaisy said...

I especially love everyone at the table(s) and the couch shot...the fact that everyone SAT there is an accomplishment for sure. Love all the fun shots and that park of yours is amazing!

Erin said...

Eeeeek! I love this post and I loved all the Shutterfly pics as well. I am shamefully late in commenting here, but thank you for the photos! And the tiny tidbits about the visit were awesome too. Totally awesome.