Thursday, April 14, 2011

On April 14th

Today is my mom's birthday. Happy day to you, Mom!

The weather was gorgeous here today - hovering around seventy degrees, not a cloud to be seen... so it seemed like a perfect day for our first 2011 visit to the arboretum. I love to go this time of year to get a look at the spring blooms, especially the tulips.

Often my mom has visited us this time of year and I've been especially missing her this week as everything burst into color. Soon the landscape with be dotted with pink-purple redbud trees and Harper will remind me, every time we see one, how much my mother likes them.

I long ago accepted that we would live far away from my parents, siblings, aunts and uncles, cousins, grandparents. I love my life here and the family I have nearby. I know that I'm fortunate to have good relationships with our family members that are spread out across the country.

But on days like today I wish I could just call my mom and say, "Hey, come meet us at the arboretum. It's magnolia time."

She could help me make the kids laugh so they aren't so stiff in their photos.

She could help Michael spot fish and exclaim over "his" ducks.

She could witness the turtles so happy to see the sun that they piled on top of one another to be closer to it.

She might even grow tired of the children shouting, "Look at this Mugga!"

But probably not.

We all do our part so that our family feels close even as we are far away. Still I wish she were here today.

We love you!


tracy said...

Oh, this is lovely! I know the feeling of being away from your family, it's tough. It's sweet that you captured some of those feelings here so that your mom can know how loved she is by you.

Happy Birthday Kelsey's mom!!

CARRIE said...

Love the 1st pic of Harper and Michael hugging!

I am supremely spoiled by having my entire family (and D's family) here---except for his annoying sister who lives about 45 minutes away....thank goodness. Sometimes I think about societies in which the wife moves off with the husband's family and never or rarely sees her family again. Makes me sad.

Kate said...


Cindy said...

Love this post, K*Mac.

Anonymous said...

Hi Honey,

You forgot to mention one thing...that is that mom is still as beautiful as the flowers in the picture!!