Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sure I'll Have Some Cheese

I feel as though I should warn you that this post might tend toward whining and you should feel free to skip/delete it from your reader and just come back later.

I pulled up the blog earlier today and the fact that it had been eight days since I'd posted was enough to make me groan and close the tab. For me blog writing is a lot easier if I am in a fairly consistent groove. If I miss an entire week my mind starts thinking, "Hmmm, was it really worth all that time? Maybe not."

I'm also sort of underwater on my blog-reading right now - which inevitably leads to a lot of skimming/skipping on my part and then always feeling a little wistful about what I might have missed.

Things kind of went off the rails after I twisted my ankle last week. I was uncomfortable and frustrated with my inability to do simple tasks without what felt like an inordinate amount of effort. And when I did start to feel a little less achy I was overwhelmed with all the catch up work I had to do to be ready to go to Wisconsin for Easter.

Our Easter was actually lovely and I will try to write more about it when my mood has improved a little.and I've downloaded some of the photos.

We left Wisconsin after dinner on Sunday night, planning to drive all the way home (about six hours from where we were celebrating). The thought was that the children would sleep in the car and maybe wake up for school on Monday. I was also hoping to avoid the hassle of unloading all of us into a hotel room for a few hours sleep and then hauling everything (or watching Matt haul everything) back to the car. We did make it all the way home (arriving around 1:30 a.m.) and the children did sleep in the car. Of course they also slept late enough not to make it to school. You know very well if we'd done the hotel thing they'd have sprung awake by 6:30 a.m. and then cried about not being close enough to get to school on time!

I also developed a cold sometime over Easter weekend. Sometime Thursday or Friday I started not to feel so great and it escalated to Saturday night when I had one of those fitful nights where you keep waking up and despairing that it isn't morning yet. On the drive home I went through four of those pocket packs of tissues. I could stuff a mattress with the tissues I've used in the last four days. It is just a run-of-the-mill cold but I could still do without.

That might be enough blathering for tonight. I've missed all of you!

Oh! This weekend is the March for Babies - if you were thinking about donating to our team, now is the time! Please look for the links to the right. Thanks!


bluedaisy said...

It's okay to whine- especially when things just aren't going smoothly! Hopefully, things will fall into place for you this week. I will say extra prayers that the nasty cold goes away- it's just not fun, run-of-the-mill or not!

Giselle said...

I think your whining is well-deserved. No worries!

And I am exactly the same about blogging. If I get into a groove, I find the words and stories just flow off my fingertips. But if I've strayed for a week...I start writing and then think about the better posts that I missed in the past week, etc etc. It took all my will-power to just get my Easter post down.

Looking forward to reading when you get back into it!

Chris said...

I was wondering about you guys, and perhaps I should have called. I am glad to know that the trip to Wisconsin was uneventful. I look forward to seeing Easter pictures.

Hope the ankle is better and that the cold gets better soon!